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Last updated on Apr 15, 2024

Privacy, shipping, return policies, terms, and conditions are an essential part of your business. It's important for your online store to have these policies and terms clearly defined and easily reachable on your website to ensure transparency and protect both your business and customers.

You can add your legal docs or customize the templates by modifying, deleting, or adding information as necessary on the Legal Docs page. Your website policy laws and regulations are based on various factors and can change depending on your warehouse location, your users' locations, and so on.

Note: If your website is available in multiple languages, make sure your documents are available in those languages as well, or the default one will be generated.

Creating a Legal Doc

To create a legal document:

  1. Go to Settings > Legal Docs on the Dashboard.

  2. Click the corresponding document type.

  3. Enter the corresponding policy description or terms and conditions of using your service.

  4. Click Save.

Tip: The Legal Docs template editor offers a list of available variables in the right side corner of the page. The list allows you to define variables within your template that will be replaced with actual data when the template is processed. These variables serve as placeholders for the dynamic content and enable you to create customized legal documents based on specific data values.

Once the legal document is created it is automatically presented in the Legal Docs widget in a non-editable mode. You need to add a Legal Docs widget to display the information on the website (see Legal Docs Widget).

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