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Last updated on Feb 23, 2024

Widgets are customizable UI elements that are designed to perform specific functions on your website such as displaying text or images, forms, sliders, social media feeds, etc. You can easily add, customize, and rearrange widgets according to your preferences.

Ucraft Next supports the following widget groupings:

  • Essentials
    The grouping consists of basic widgets to create user-friendly layouts. The Essentials widgets are:

  • Media
    Media widgets enable you to display media content by providing interactive and dynamic media elements. Media widgets can include various types of content such as images, videos, audio players, etc. The Media widgets are:

  • Navigation
    The Navigation widgets are user interface components you can use to build your website. They facilitate navigation and help users move through different sections or pages of the website easily. The Navigation widgets are:

  • User Account
    User Account widgets allow your customers to create and maintain their profiles, access their accounts and manage their personal details, track orders, manage payment methods, leave the account, etc. The Sign In Widgets subgrouping offers control over the appearance and functionality of your Sign In system page, enhancing user engagement and simplifying access to your website services.

    The Sign Up Widget subgrouping simplifies website registration by collecting user information and preferences with well-designed components.

  • Advanced
    Advanced widgets allow you to create dynamic and attractive features, saving time and ensuring efficient website development. Explore the following advanced widgets to enhance your website to the fullest.

  • Ecommerce
    The grouping provides you with the possibility to effectively build your online presence and turn your website into an intuitive online store. The widget groupings are:

  • Collections
    The widgets found in the Collections groping are designed to showcase different item collections on your website. By default, this widget group contains three pre-designed widgets:

The remaining widgets are specific to each collection and might differ based on the fields you have created and assigned to the collections in your Dashboard > Item Management section. The availability of widgets depends on the specific webpage.

  • Page Widgets
    Page widgets display specific information relevant to a particular page. The following page-specific widgets are available:

    • Legal Docs

    • Loyalty Points

    • Order Note

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