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Dashboard: Overview

Customer Success Team

Last updated on Apr 11, 2024

The Dashboard is a visual representation of key metrics, data, and insights related to your online store performance and operations. It provides a centralized view of some analytical aspects of your business and recent orders in your store, allowing you to monitor and make informed decisions based on real-time information.

You can find detailed information about the Real Time section in the Analytics: Overview article.

Recent Orders

The Recent Orders section enables you to stay up-to-date with the sales activities, manage orders efficiently, and address any potential issues promptly. It provides a real-time overview of recent customer transactions, facilitating better customer service, order tracking, and inventory management. The Recent Orders section includes the following details:

  • Order ID: A unique identifier for each order, helping to distinguish and track individual transactions.
    You can click the order ID to get redirected to the order page for more details.

  • Date and Time: A timestamp indicating when the order was placed, allowing for easy tracking of order frequency and patterns.

  • Customer Name: The name of the customer who placed the order, enabling quick identification.
    Clicking the customer name ID redirects you to the customer's page to access additional information.

  • Items: The list of the items purchased in the order.
    Clicking the item navigates you to the product/item single page.

  • Total: The total value of the order, including any applicable taxes, discounts, and shipping costs.

  • Payment: Information about the payment status (e.g., paid, unpaid, etc.), indicating whether the customer's payment has been processed.

  • Fulfillment: The current stage of each order (e.g., canceled, shipped, delivered) providing insight into the order progress.

Click Go to Orders to access the Orders section to handle order management.

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