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Last updated on Feb 01, 2024

You can offer various types of products to your customers on your online store: digital, physical, appointment, table, etc. The Products page enables you to manage the products available for sale on your website. You can create a new product, modify the product description, manage the inventory, set the price range, etc. The Products page allows you to track products ensuring accurate and up-to-date information available to customers on your online store.

Here you can:

  • create a new product;

  • search for the corresponding products;

  • export and import all the products (see Importing and Exporting Files);

  • filter the products according to the corresponding criteria;

  • sort the products according to the preferred alphabetical order, creation, or activity statuses.

Tip: To delete or edit products, select the product from the list, click the Dotted Menu, and opt for the appropriate option.

Product Types

The following product types are available:

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