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Last updated on Feb 06, 2024

You can integrate Ucraft Pay as a payment method for your customers to choose when checking out, if it is supported in your region. Check its availability per country in the relevant table in Payment Methods. This integration offers a seamless and secure solution for making online transactions on your store. Ucraft Pay allows your customers to save their email addresses, credit cards, and shipping and billing information to make the checkout process faster and more efficient.

Ucraft Pay uses Stripe Connect to route payments.

Configuring Ucraft Pay

To configure Ucraft Pay:

  1. Access the Payments section from your Dashboard Settings.

  2. Navigate to Stripe and click Set Up.

  3. Click Connect with Stripe to add your Stripe account.

  4. Follow the steps on the Stripe Connect page to become a Stripe user or enter your account details.

    Upon completion of these steps, Ucraft Pay is activated as a payment method on your store.

    Customizing Ucraft Pay

    You can customize Ucraft Pay to match your website design and brand concept to enhance the user experience:

    • Incorporate Your Custom Logo: You can easily add your unique logo to Ucraft Pay, ensuring that it reflects your brand identity. This logo is displayed during the checkout process, creating a seamless and cohesive visual experience for your customers.

    • Choose a Preferred Payment Method Name: Ucraft Pay allows you to select the name you prefer for this payment method on your online store. Instead of generic names, you can choose a more personalized and branded label that aligns with your business tone and style.

    • Provide Customer-Friendly Instructions: Tailor specific instructions for your customers to ensure a smooth payment process. Use clear and concise language to guide the users through the steps, making it easy for them to complete their transactions effortlessly.

    💡 If you have questions or concerns, contact us directly via the Live Chat box in the lower right corner. Our Support Team will provide you with top-notch quality support 24/7.