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Last updated on Nov 01, 2023

You can configure the series of steps that the customer completes to purchase the product. Checkout configuration ensures a smooth and user-friendly process for your customers. This includes providing multiple options, such as offering guest checkout (i.e., allowing customers to purchase without creating an account), choosing what customer contact information should be used at checkout, choosing the time interval for sending the reminder email about the abandoned cart, etc.

Configuring Checkouts

To configure checkouts:

  1. Go to Settings > Checkouts on the Dashboard.

  2. Make the corresponding configuration, specifically:

  • Guest Checkout- Turn on/off the toggle to allow your customers to check out without creating an account.

  • Customer Contact - Tick the corresponding radio button to choose what customer contact information (email or phone number) should be used at checkout. Tick the checkbox to allow the customers to choose the channel they receive shipping updates.

  • Email Marketing - Turn the toggle on/off to enable/disable the customer to sign up for marketing emails at checkout.

  • Abandoned Checkouts - Enable the abandoned cart and enter the time interval for sending the reminder notification about the abandoned cart.

  • Minimum Order Amount - Indicate a minimum order amount for checkout for your customers.

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