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Last updated on Dec 07, 2023

Shipping and delivery are an essential part of your online shop operations. You can create a reliable shipping and delivery process for your online orders that meets the needs of your customers. Shipping and delivery process configuration ensures that your customers receive their orders on time and in good condition.

The Shipping and Delivery page allows you to choose the shipping geographical coverage, location where the customer can pick up the order, shipping type, etc.

Configuring Self Pickup Process

You can create pickup locations, from where your customers can take their orders instead of having them delivered to their homes or offices. etc. This provides customers with a convenient alternative to traditional delivery methods. Customers can select the self-pickup option during checkout and choose their preferred pickup location from a list of available options. Upon arriving at the pickup point, customers may need to provide their order confirmation or a unique order ID to confirm their identity and collect their items. Customers receive an email or SMS notification (see Settings > Notifications) when their orders are ready for pickup, and they can visit the specified location during specified hours to collect their items.

To configure self pickup process and location:

  1. Go to Settings > Shipping & Delivery on the Dashboard.

  2. Click + New Self Pickup.

  3. Provide self pickup information requested in the Self Pickup Details section, specifically:

  • Indicate the name of the pickup point that will appear to your customer.

  • Enter detailed instructions for self pickup process.

4. Provide pickup address information requested in the Pickup Address section, specifically:

  • Indicate whether the pickup point is your business address or other location.

  • Select the corresponding location from the drop-down list if your business address is the self pickup point.

  • Enter the pickup address detailed information if the self pick up point is another location.

5. Indicate pickup hours in the Self Pickup Details section, specifically:

  • Tick Setup Interval and define the time intervals during which customers can pick up their orders (you can set minutes, hours, etc.).

  • Enable/disable Apply to all days of week.

  • Enter the start and end time of pick up and click Apply.

  • Click Save or Discard to save or remove the setup configurations.

Once the self pickup location is created, you can edit or delete it. To delete or edit self pickup points, click the Dotted Menu on the right side of the corresponding pickup, and select the appropriate option.

Turn the toggle on/off to activate/deactivate the status of the pickup point.

Configuring a Shipping Profile

Configuration of the shipping profile is one of the essential steps you should make to manage the shipping process of your online store. You can outline the available shipping methods: international shipping and local delivery. While configuring the shipping method, you should take into consideration the product you sell. For example, if you sell an appointment or event product you do not need a shipping method, unlike physical products. If your product is physical you can define:

  • geographical regions and zones to differentiate shipping costs based on location: local and international;

  • rates or fees associated with the corresponding shipping method based on various factors, such as weight, subtotal, etc. to charge customers accurately for shipping costs;

  • shipping and handling time to set expectations for customers regarding when their order will be dispatched;

  • instructions to provide detailed shipping instructions for the customers.

To configure a shipping profile:

  1. Go to Settings > Shipping & Delivery on the Dashboard.

  2. Click + New Shipping Profile.

  3. In the Shipping Profile Name section enter the name for the shipping profile.

  4. Provide the information requested in the Shipping Coverage section, specifically:

  • Select the geographical range of the shipping.

  • Select the country/region of the shipping from the respective drop-down list and click Confirm.

  • Click + Include/Exclude and select the cities included/excluded from the shipping zone.

  • Click + Include/Exclude and indicate the ZIP/Postal codes included/excluded from the shipping zone.

  • Click Confirm.

5. Provide the information requested in the Shipping Options section, specifically:

  • Select the shipping type from the respective drop-down list.

  • Enter the name of the shipping option that will be displayed to the customers.

  • Indicate the estimated period for delivery/shipping.

  • Indicate the period between when the order is placed and when it is sent to the customer.

  • Enter detailed shipping instructions.

  • Tick Minimum Order Subtotal and specify the minimum order subtotal that the customers need to reach to use the selected shipping option.

You can set up business hours indicating the delivery slot of the purchased item.

To do so,

  1. Select the start and end times.

  2. Click Apply and the confirmation icon.


  • If you disable the Apply to all days of week toggle, you should set the working hours for each working day.

  • If you set up several delivery hours, your customers can choose the hour that best suits them.

Once the shipping profile is created, you can:

  • edit or delete

To delete or edit shipping profiles, click the Dotted Menu on the right side of the corresponding pickup, and select the appropriate option.

  • activate/deactivate the status of the shipping profile.

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