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Last updated on May 22, 2024

A Booking product type is a service that enables customers to reserve or schedule service appointments, events, or other resources at specific dates and times. This type of product allows customers to select specific dates and times for their desired activities. Examples include appointments with professionals, booking systems for hotels, event venues, etc. These products simplify scheduling time-sensitive services, making it easy for businesses and customers to manage their schedules efficiently.

On the Booking Products page, you can view the booking details and manage the service you offer your customers.

Here you can:

  • create a new booking service;
  • view the details of already created booking product;
  • search for the relevant booking service;
  • use advanced filters to find the appropriate booking service easily;
  • sort them by their statuses, creation dates, or alphabetically.

To delete or edit the booking product type, select it from the list, click the Dotted Menu, and choose the appropriate option.

Creating a Booking

To create a Booking:

  1. Go to Bookings > Booking Products on the Dashboard.
  2. Click + New Booking.
  3. Provide the requested information in the Details section, specifically:
  • Indicate the product name to be displayed to the customers in the public mode. When you enter the name of a product, the system automatically generates its SEO Page Title and Product URL. You also have the option to modify these details if required.
  • Enter a detailed product or service description displayed to customers in the public mode to provide additional specifications.
  • Select the product category, if necessary. You can choose from the list or create a new category (see Categories). To do so, enter the category name in the Category field and click New Category displayed below the field.

Note: To set a category as default, click on the star icon located next to that category. The name of the default category is reflected in the product URL.

  • Enter the name of the organizer.
  • Activate/deactivate Product Visibility to display/hide the specific service from the public mode.
  • You can set up the booking availability for the customers to be displayed in the public; the available options are:
    • Available every day
    • Unavailable
    • Custom Available

4. Add images of your product in the Media section, if necessary. To do so, click + and select the image, or upload the media content from the computer, free stock (powered by Unsplash), or insert the URL.

Note: To make the product image the default, tick the star on the image. The default image is displayed first on your product page. If no image is set, the first one becomes the default.

5. Provide the requested information in the Booking Location section, specifically:

  • Enter the booking location venue.
  • Enter the service link in case it is online.

6. Provide the requested information in the Info section, specifically:

  • Booking Capacity - set the number of customers that can be accommodated simultaneously. For example, in a beauty salon having three nail professionals, the capacity allows for the simultaneous service of three customers.
  • Availability Intervals - set time intervals among reservations.
  • Available Working Hours - activate/deactivate the toggle to set the same working hours for all days of the week or add custom business hours per weekday. 
    You can also break down the working hours from 9 am to 12 pm and resume services from 2 pm to 8 pm.

7. The Service section allows you to add your offered services and group them under relevant namings. The groups will enable you to display your services in an organized manner. For example, if you have a salon with several services (Hairdressing, Nail), you can create them and assign all the selection types of fields to your services (see Products > Fields).
Click the + New Service and provide the requested information, specifically:

  • Set the service name to be displayed in the public mode.
  • Provide additional service description, if necessary.
  • Indicate the price for the service:
    • Fixed Price - Indicate the product Base Price and the Compared Price. The compared price refers to the original price of the product or service used to highlight the price reduction.
    • Free - you can create a gift service for customers.
  • Indicate the duration of the service (in minutes). When you set a Booking Capacity, such as 3, and specify a service duration of 30 minutes, the public mode allows your customers to book a slot three times, each spanning 30 minutes.
  • Select the service-relevant group or create new groups within the service by entering the group name and clicking Create New Group.
  • Add media to the service or product, if necessary.
  • Click the Create New Service to save.

Once you create a service, a relevant widget is automatically generated on the Visual Editor under Booking Product Widgets, allowing you to customize its design.

8. Linked Products are items recommended or associated with each other based on relevance. They are often purchased together or complement each other. These suggestions encourage customers to explore related products, increasing the chances of cross-selling and enhancing the shopping experience. 

The Linked Products fields include:

  • Cross-selling Products - refers to recommending products that enhance the current selection, encouraging customers to make additional purchases.
  • Upselling Products - involves recommending higher-end or upgraded versions of the selected product to get customers to choose premium options.
  • Related Products - displays the products closely associated with or relevant to the selected product.
  • Tick Show selected products as related if you want your product to be displayed as a suggestion item for the products selected as cross-selling, upselling, and related products.

9. Provide the information requested in the SEO section, specifically:

  • Indicate the page title and meta description.
  • Modify the auto-generated URL alias if necessary.
  • Activate the Include in Sitemap toggle if you want the product page to be added to your sitemap.
  • Select Robots Tag from the respective drop-down list to control how search engines index the product page by search engines and follow the links on them.
  • Add Social Image. This image appears when the link is shared on social media platforms.

Note: If no images are uploaded, the main image of the category is applied by default.

Note: The Product URL alias must be unique.

10. Click Save.

If you added several languages to your website, select the corresponding language from the right-side language drop-down list and enter product-related information in the selected language (see Settings > Languages).

To set the status of the product, select the corresponding status from the right-side drop-down list.

The following options are available:

  • Draft - the product is not visible to the customers.
  • Active - the product is visible to the customers.

Once you have created a booking product, you need to add and configure its relevant widgets in the Visual Editor > Page > Ecommerce > Booking Product to display the product on your website (see Product Common Widgets, Booking Product Widget).

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